Celebration Parades
By NSFC President
June 16, 2020

Dear Friends of the Newtown Square Fire Company,

In response to the question “Who doesn’t love a parade?”; everyone loves a parade. Particularly the volunteer members of the Newtown Square Fire Company. Each year the fire company is actively involved in the Memorial Day commemoration and Independence Day July 4th celebration parades. Also, every December the fire company escorts Santa as he parades around town. Indeed, the fire company recognizes the value of parades in lifting the spirit of the citizens whom we serve.

2020 has been a “special” year with respect to helping raise the morale of our friends and neighbors. In addition to participating in our normal parades the fire company has been involved in Celebration Parades. You probably have heard the sirens and seen the flashing lights of fire company vehicles around town as part of these Celebration Parades. These parades range from commemorating birthdays, graduations, recognizing essential workers and healthcare heroes plus supporting other special events throughout our township. It is a joy to see the smiles and return the waves of those who emerged from their homes to share some cheer during social distancing.

As of 6/14/20, the fire company has been involved in over 50 Celebration Parades. We have fulfilled all requests for parades. Further, we would very much like to thank those residents for their donations to support these parades.

Some good news. We are now in the month of June and outdoor type weather is shining on us. In addition, the Governor’s phased approach to opening the State will lift restrictions on social gatherings. Families will now be able to return to the traditional role of celebrating events. In parallel, the fire company is currently moving to a new station and must continue our ongoing readiness training and drills. Thus, the available time of our volunteer members needs to be focused on our emergency service duties. This will mean that effective Monday, June 15 we will not be scheduling any additional Celebration Parades. Of course, we will honor any parades that we have previously scheduled up until that date.

The volunteer members of the Newtown Square Fire Company appreciate the privilege and pleasure of being involved in Celebration Parades. We hope that these parades have been an aid in enhancing the positive spirit of our community.