Remembering on Memorial Day
By Member Preston Tyrrell
May 27, 2024

Today we remember Fire Company Member, Melvin Daughten. He is (To the best of our knowledge) the only Fire Company member to be killed in action. In the early summer of 1945, as the war drew to a close, Melvin Doughten, lost his life while defending our country. Melvin was driving a tank at night over a bridge and the tank ended up in the water killing all aboard.

Melvin Doughten - Valedictorian of Marple-Newtown High School Class Of 1937, served in the U.S. Army’s 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion and was killed in action in Italy on April 9, 1945 during the last days of the war. He is buried in the American Cemetery outside of Florence, Italy.

The Daughten family had a great history of serving the community and country. In addition to Melvin, his father was a member. His Grandfather was Frist President and founder of the fire company, Dilwyn Lewis.