TBT - Time Capsule 1965
By Member NSFC Webmaster
May 9, 2024

Saturday, May 9, 1965.

The members of the Newtown Square Fire Company came to the vacant lot next to the fire house that had just been knocked down. They were there to witness the opening of the time capsule which was sealed in 1917.

With several charter members on hand to witness, the copper time capsule is opened. In attendance are Suzi Monahan (her 27th birthday), her husband Jack, Stephen, age 4, and Billy, Age 2.

The box leaves the May 9th event with Mrs. Safrini, and she catalogs the contents of the box. The time capsule would spend the next two years in the boardroom of the newly constructed firehouse.

During construction, the “vault” part of the cornerstone is installed, but not the date slab. For the building dedication, the area in front of the vault is covered with plywood, painted red to match the bricks. It remains that way for two years, or more.

On Sunday, June 18, 1967, at 3 in the afternoon, under the direction of President Jack Conway, the time capsule is again placed in a concrete sarcophagus. Jack Monahan donated a metal toolbox in which the original contents, plus latest items, are placed. It is unclear if the old copper box was resealed in the cornerstone of the new building.

The capsule was removed and opened in 2022. For a list of items in the capsule, you can revisit the opening from the link below.

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