TBT - The Sisters Grim
By Member NSFC Webmaster
March 28, 2024

This month we have been celebrating the women of the Newtown Square Fire Company for Women’s History Month. However, you can’t talk about women’s history in Newtown Square without mentioning the Grim sisters.

Back in March 1955, Alice Grim drove her car into the ditch near West Chester Pike. Both Alice and her sister Mary Myrtle Grim had minor injuries. The location of the accident looks to be around 4100 West Chester Pike, where oddly enough last week current-day members responded to a call of a car into the house.

Alice was driving a 1953 Buick Special Riviera coupe. This was the last Buick with the straight-eight engine. The “Fireball 8” was the same engine that powered the 1949 Buick Roadmaster Dustin Hoffman drove in the movie “Rain Man”.

Myrtle retired as a teacher in 1950, and Alice in 1951. It was at this time that the township named the school after her. They lived on West Chester Pike where the current day Goddard School is located. A historical marker was installed to honor the memory and contributions to the community made by Alice and Myrtle Grim, a fitting tribute to the Sisters Grim.