Monday Drill Night
By Member NSFC Webmaster
August 6, 2019

Drill night: Monday night (8/5/19) the members of the fire company worked on reviewing and training with their rescue tools. The night's goal centered on safely and effectively lifting a simulated weight off of a trapped occupent using inflatable rescue airbags. They then focused on communication and more complicated lifting with greater stabilization needs. These inflatable rescue air bags are just one of the tools that the fire company is trained on to assist the community when their residents may be in need of rescue.

The training was headed by Lt. Kuseian and assisted by Capt. McNeill, Lt. Harper, Lt. Conan, and Lt. Certo.

The Firefighters training in this drill were D.Weldon, E.Ritchie, K.Robinson, J.Everloff, M.Petrillo, G.Amato, and D.Simpson.