TBT Another Salute to Women’s History Month
By Member NSFC Webmaster
March 21, 2024

Continuing with our Salute to Women’s History Month, we look at Dana Pound. Dana was the first female firefighter. It was May of 1977 when a 17-year-old Dana joined the Fire Company. She was already home. She was just one of seven Pounds who were members of the fire company.

Joining Dana on the tailboard of the fire truck was her father Dick, and brothers Kevin, Keith, and Marc. Her Mother, Cynthia and sister, Tami, were also members of the Auxiliary.

Dana was not the only female firefighter; Robin Robertson joined her two months later. They both received their firefighter training at DCCC and wo”man”ed the trucks and fought fires with their male counterparts.

This also led to the common question in the late 1970’s “was that a four Pound fire or a five Pound fire?” referencing how many of the members of the Pound Family responded to a fire call.


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