Dispatched to the Ellis Preserve Construction Site for an Unconscious Person in a Vehicle
By Member NSFC Webmaster
January 14, 2024

Saturday afternoon at 2:47 PM Newtown Square Fire Company was dispatched to the construction site at Ellis Preserve across from the Fire Station for an unconscious person in a vehicle. Medic 15-7 was dispatched as this was the second medical emergency in Newtown Township. Squad 41 responded with the in-station crew and provided emergency first aid until Radnor Ambulance arrived. Newtown Township Police assisted the fire company members. The patient was transported by Radnor EMS to a local hospital and Deputy Chief Mike Kenny made the company available.

In addition to fires, the fire company gets dispatched to certain levels of EMS calls that may require extra assistance. As an extension to the fire training the members receive, members are also trained in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. All the emergency vehicles are equipped with AED’s, Oxygen and other medical supplies.