First Due Box in Echo Valley
By NSFC Webmaster
June 13, 2019

At 1129 hours, Company 41, along with units from Berwyn (2), Paoli (3), Media (23) and Riddle EMS (104), were alerted for a reported clothes dryer on fire inside a house in the 300 block of Crum Creek Road in the Echo Valley section of Newtown Township.

Engine 41 (FF Lynch) arrived with nothing evident from the exterior. The crew investigated and found a small fire inside the dryer. The fire was extinguished with a Water Can.

Ladder 41 (FF Kenny) arrived and the crew secured to the power to the dryer and set up a fan to remove the smoke from the house.

Assistant 41 (Young) arrived and established Command and with the confirmation of no fire extending outside of the dryer, the assignment was scaled back to the Company 41 units.

Crews removed the dryer from the house.

All units were clear of the incident at 1153 hours.

Units: Assistant 41, Engine 41, Ladder 41, and Traffic 41
Mutual Aid: Engine 2-1, Tower 3, RIT 23, Medic 1047A